About us

Our approach to world-class production

Who we are

The Hydraspec Group was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Kristiansand, Norway. The main activity of Hydraspec Group has been repair and maintenance of hydraulic equipment.  Hydraspec Production was established in 2019 to become an in-house manufacturer of all types of mechanical and hydraulic equipment to the offshore and onshore industries. Hydraspec Production can also provide service personnel to oversee installation, commissioning and maintenance. All our employees have solid experience from the onshore and offshore industries. Together, we form a top team where each one of us contributes their cutting edge skills to achieve our goal of delivering the best solution with the best quality to our customers.


Hydraspec Production operates in accordance with a certified quality management system. Our quality plan, which forms the basis of all our projects, governs all revelent activities and responsibilities. We follow national requirements for health, safety and environment management and maintain a full reporting system for the same.

We use modern measuring equipment to ensure that our work conforms to all required standards.

ISO Certification
Hydraspec Production is a ISO 9001:2015 certified company and we are committed to following international quality standards. We maintain the company’s Quality Management System through a accredited third party.



We believe that a chain is not stronger than the weakest link. Supply chain management is an important matter for us. In cooperation with a large range of national and international suppliers, we are able to source the required parts and components with competitive terms.


We are able to produce most types of carbon steel like S355, Weldox, S690, as well as white material like stainless steel and aluminium, all according to DNV and ABS requirements if required. All tasks are planned and coordinated by our certified engineers.



In our assembly shop we are able to do all types of mechanical, hydraulical, eletrical and instrument assembly with our competent staff. Our operators have the necessary experience to produce quality products in accordance with specifications. We also perform all types of hydrostatic pressure testing, pneumatical assembly, electrical work, wiring, termination and function testing.


We always prepare and maintain a manufacturing record book in accordance with internal and external requirements.